The history of Al-Mawaddah

Al-Mawaddah is a nonprofit society established in 2003 under the guidance and support of the late Prince Abdulmajeed bin Abdulaziz, the former Governor of Makkah Region, may God have mercy on him. It is licensed by the National Center for Nonprofit Development under number (601). The society aims to improve the quality of family life through an innovative and comprehensive system of qualitative, proactive, sustainable, and impactful solutions in society. Since its establishment, the society has helped transform the lives of over 590,000 families.

The society specializes in family training and provides services in psychological and social support, family counseling, resolving family conflicts, empowering women, and transforming them from being dependents to contributors. The society also strives to create a safe and stable environment for children and women, protect them from violence, build children's capacities, enhance their skills, qualify and develop the skills of family specialists. Additionally, the society seeks to contribute to presenting the best strategic solutions to achieve the goals of the national vision and the national transformation program related to families.