The Board of Al-Mawaddah Adopts the Inspiration and Innovation Plan for 2021

The Board of Directors of Al-Mawaddah Family Development Association in the Makkah region approved the executive plan and estimated budget for the year 2021 during the fourth board meeting held at the association's headquarters, adhering to all precautionary measures.

The meeting was led by the Chairman of Al-Mawaddah, Engineer Faisal Al-Samnoudi, with the participation of the Vice Chairman, Mr. Zuhair Al-Marhoumi, the Financial Supervisor, Engineer Fayez Al-Harbi, and board members Dr. Abdullah Matbouli, Dr. Faisal Al-Mahmadi, Mr. Ahmed Al-Marbaei, Mr. Khalid Al-Hamdan, Mr. Khalid Qama, and Engineer Hisham Al-Khuraiji. At the beginning of the meeting, Al-Samnoudi welcomed all members and expressed his gratitude and appreciation to the board members and the team for their achievements in 2020. This was followed by a speech from the General Manager of the association, Mr. Mohammed Al-Radhi, who reviewed the meeting agenda. The administrative team then presented the plan, targets, and indicators for 2021.

Al-Samnoudi explained that Al-Mawaddah aims to serve 52,460 beneficiaries in 2021 by providing 165,900 services through an executive plan consisting of three main portfolios and 17 programs, which include 61 projects. This plan comprises 22 strategic goals and approximately 418 key indicators.

The first portfolio, "Creating Social Impact," includes seven developmental programs and 28 projects. Its programs are: "Itminan" for family counseling and conflict resolution, "Maharah" for enhancing family quality of life skills, "Himaya" in partnership with the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development through the Family Protection Center, "Shaml" in partnership with the Ministry of Justice through Shaml Centers for executing custody and visitation rulings, "Hayah" through the Life Academy for women's empowerment, "Muashir" for family policy design and research, and "Idrak" for family values awareness and promotion. This portfolio includes 212 performance indicators and 11 studies, and it will offer 309 training courses.

The second portfolio, "Social Investment," includes four programs through which eight projects will be delivered: "Kafa’a" for professional development in the family field, "Qurat Ayn" for treating childhood disorders, "Ma'rifah" for family excellence and innovation, and "Etimad" for government competition projects. The third portfolio, "Sustainability," includes six programs delivering 25 projects with 140 performance indicators. Its programs are: sustainability of the work environment, institutional excellence, trust building and image enhancement, financial resource development, efficient spending, and digital transformation.

Engineer Faisal also noted that the association is committed to delivering its mission to improve family life quality through inspiring and innovative programs that align with the beneficiaries' needs based on specialized professional studies and practices. The association aims to equip families with essential skills and knowledge in educational and social fields, and increase family awareness of the principles of forming a healthy family, in partnership with many supportive donors.